Study Skills Support  

Specialist Study Skills Support 

As part of the Specialist Tuition Service, I provide individual Specialist Study Skills support to meet the needs of all students working towards their GCSE or A Level examinations. 
Difficulties with study skills, time-management and organisation can affect many students, not only those with dyslexia, as they transition from Year 9 to the start of their GCSE courses. 
Individually tailored one-to-one Specialist Study Skills sessions will help to develop reading, research and writing skills to promote success in subjects such as English Language and Literature, Geography, History and Religious Studies. Revision and examination techniques are covered in detail and all advice provided is specific to the student's examination board and subject specification.  

Why Choose Specialist Study Skills Support? 

It will develop resilience for academic work. 
It will develop the capacity to learn how to learn. 
It will enable the student to feel in control of their academic  
studies, hence reducing stress and increasing well-being. 
It will help to develop skills of independent learning that will be invaluable in all stages of education and become a lifelong habit. 

Assistive Technology 

Assistive technology has been used for many years within the world of dyslexia, but there have been huge levels of innovation over the last five years. This has been remarkably empowering to users both in terms of supporting their individual needs and boosting productivity. It is now easy for users to engage with digital tools that will support them in school, throughout university and even into their career. 
Below is just a flavour of what can be achieved: 
· Students can access features that dictate written text, and adjust the appearance of text through different spacing, sizing or backgrounds, to improve reading accuracy, speed and comprehension. 
· Students can create digital portfolios of class notes, handouts and personal research, to support revision for formal examinations. 
· Learning tools enable students to personalise their learning and therefore gain greater confidence in their own abilities. 
Contact me to find out more about assistive technology support. 
All of the recommendations made are based on my own experiences of supporting young people. I am not paid to promote any products, so any recommendations are impartial and unbiased. 
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